By Davis Wu | 27 April 2023 | 0 Comments

Inspection of CNC Machined Parts

The inspection and identification of mechanical parts is a very important task in the entire production process.  Scientific and rational inspection and identification of parts, so as to ensure the accuracy of the inspection and identification of parts, improve the efficiency of the inspection, to provide scientific assurance of product quality.  


 Visual inspection   method

  Our inspectors use visual, touch,      ear and other intuitive sensory          and  empirical methods of   inspection to make judgements.


Hand-held instrument inspection method

We use calipers, height rulers, micrometers to measure the length, width, height, depth, etc. Holes, slots can be selected plug gauge.  Measuring R value selected R gauge, etc. 


 Measuring Machines

  We have CMM, height testers and    secondary elements.

  CMM measure the geometry,         length and circumferential index       of  a workpiece. The signals are       transmitted by contact or non-contact and the coordinates of the points of the workpiece are calculated by a data processor or computer. 

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